It's November!! I hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween!

Not only was yesterday Halloween, it was also my stepdads birthday. Every year we go out to dinner and then take my little brothers trick-or-treating.  

Since my stepdad was born and raised in Australia, I decided to make him one of his favorite desserts called Pavlova. (It sounds more interesting with his Aussie accent.) I had seen tons of pictures of this beautiful dessert but to be honest, I was intimidated. Meringue was always a scary idea for me- it seemed like a very difficult process which takes perfect timing, eggs that are the right temperature and so on... But after looking at Martha Stewarts recipe and directions, I decided to take it on. It is very light and soft in the middle and crunchy and sweet on the outside. It disappeared in minutes! The whipped cream on top and the tropical fruit are the perfect addition. I strongly suggest you try this recipe out, whether there is a special occasion or not. Do not fear the meringue!!! 


I used Martha Stewart's Pavlova recipe which you can find HERE


and topped it with my own home made whipped cream (1 small box heavy whipping cream and 2 Tbsp sugar) mango, kiwi and raspberries. Yum!