Candy Shortbread Bars


I've made these before with all different types of toppings but i've found that Snickers and Reeses Pieces are my favorites. Oh, and sprinkles! But then again, sprinkles go with everything. Right?


1 Cup Salted Butter, Room Temperature

3/4 Cup Dark Brown Sugar, Packed

2 Cups Flour

1 Cup semi-sweet chocolate chips

2 Cups assorted chopped candy  

The brown sugar and salted butter gives these bars a caramel taste that is so rich and delicious! If you don't have brown sugar or salted butter, white sugar and unsalted will do just fine.



1. Cream together butter and sugar until fluffy


2. Add flour little by little. Mixture will be crumbly at first, keep on goin!


3. Press dough into an 8X8 baking dish and bake until golden brown- about 30 minutes. 


Once it's ready, top with chocolate chips and bake for one minute so the chocolate melts. Remove from the oven and then spread it around and top with candy. Refrigerate until cool. Cut and enjoy!



Makes 16 pieces